Billing and Settlement Manager


Job Title: Billing and Settlement Manager
Department: Operations
Reporting to: Operations Manager
Location: Cambridge & London
Job Type: Full time – Permanent
Salary: TBC
Start date: May/Jun 2017

Purpose of the role: Why this role is important to Origami

Origami Energy Ltd is an ambitious new technology company aiming to provide the technology and financial mechanisms (i.e. the marketplace) to connect, control and actively manage a large network of existing energy generating / energy using / energy storing products connected to the electricity grid.

The Billing and Settlement Manager will lead Origami’s delivery of accurate billing and settlement services in order to build and maintain trust with customers. You will be responsible for designing, developing and implementing the next phase of the Origami billing and settlement process. As our customer numbers grow, along with the number of services we provide, so too will the need to develop efficient, robust and accurate processes that are scalable. The Billing and Settlement Manager will be at the core of this development, ensuring Origami can bill and settle with all our customers and partners effectively.

Additionally, as an early joiner to Origami Energy, you will have a unique opportunity to have a meaningful impact on future business growth and success. At Origami Energy we provide you with the best tools to help apply your skills. We believe that, as a company, by providing an autonomous culture we can allow our employees to excel at the task at hand and drive us into the future.

Key Deliverables & Responsibilities:
  1. Lead billing and settlement services in an efficient, effective, and timely manner while ensuring scalability and replicability. This includes:
    • Ensure that billing and settlement is accurate first time, every time.
    • Adapt the billing and settlement process to align with changing business needs (growing number of customers, services, counter-parties etc.). This may include supporting the transition to, integration with, and management of a third party system.
    • Identifying and standardising billing and settlement processes and procedures to achieve Best Practice at all times.
    • Maintain good working relationships and effective communication with external counterparties and internal Origami teams.
    • Demonstrate clear understanding of contractual structures.
    • Utilise knowledge of and experience in the energy market.
    • To report directly to the Operations Manager and work closely with the Customer Care Manager to ensure:
    • Billing and settlement processes are efficient and fit for purpose, resulting in a robust audit trail.
    • All output (including collateral, customer invoices etc.) is accurate and to a professional standard. Regular reporting information is provided to users within agreed deadlines and stakeholders (both internal and external) are satisfied with the quality of information.
    • Settlement validation, confirmation and invoicing processes are efficient and accurate;
    • Queries and/or disputes related to the billing and settlement process are resolved quickly and effectively;
    • Processes are documented clearly and activities are carried out with reference to, and in compliance with, contractual and HMRC obligations
  2. Support Knowledge Management in order that Origami always achieves Best Practice.
  3. Anything else identified by the Operations Manager.

As the role is developing and evolving, the Billing and Settlement Manager will continually help to identify the gaps that will need work; thus, this role may increase to encompass more functions as needed


Qualifications and Experience:
  • A passion for and understanding of the energy sector
  • Experience in an operations or finance environment with quantitative Excel analysis
  • Experience in creating, implementing, and continuously improving processes
  • An understanding of technical databases
  • Good problem solving skills with the ability to own issues through to resolution
  • The ability to work in an evolving organisation where there is uncertainty and ambiguity!
  • A desire to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.
  • At least 5-years of experience in the energy sector
  • Experience in a billing & settlement environment
  • Experience in validation and settlement of ancillary services contracts
  • Experience in developing/implementing/improving a billing and settlement system
  • Experience with vendor management

Can demonstrate:

  • Quantitative Analysis – Highly numerate. Ability to understand the accounting requirements for the information provided to finance.
  • Leadership – They know when to make a decision, when to ask for more information and when to ask for help. Can lead as well as be led.
  • Collaboration – Able to gain buy in and trust from different teams.
  • Independent – Ability to set and apply priorities and work to tight deadlines without direct supervision.
  • Delivery – Able to deliver to deadlines.
  • Communications – Clear communication style, both written and verbal
  • Initiative – Be able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and change their approach dynamically.

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