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Powerful and independent SaaS applications for energy services

Empowering your decision making

Origami builds powerful digital tools which orchestrate and interrogate data to inform successful decision-making. With high-quality, real-time data that’s ready to use, energy service companies can better decide which strategies and market opportunities to pursue directly, and which to pursue via route-to-market partners.

Anyone consolidating ownership or operation of increasingly diverse asset portfolios, ultra-flexible, data-led operating strategies are the new route to maximised revenues in today’s energy transition marketplace. It’s becoming mission-critical to secure a long-term technology partner, offering the flexibility needed to take part in emerging balancing markets and value pools.


Energy service providers are navigating consistent challenges in the current market...

An increase in renewables is driving a period of high flux in market structures.

Both markets and behaviours are changing rapidly.


Our partners need solutions that empower their decision making

"We need a scheduling and dispatch option that will always be technically compliant with
the most valuable services."

Energy service providers need to...

Maximize their portfolio’s efficiency and revenue.

Enjoy access to expert support and extract the true value from 
their portfolio.

We help you act on real-time data you can trust

Our technology provides actionable intelligence which spans from the simple automation of workflows to the creation of truly differentiated market positions.

By setting the right digital infrastructure in place and providing
real-time insight and visualisation, Origami catalyses innovation from pricing and trading strategies to longer-term ESG business models. It's a truly digitalised customer experience.

Realise the best opportunities.
Feed the green energy transition.

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