Flexible Capacity Management

Maximise revenue from flexible distributed generation and storage capacity.

Solution for

  • Flexible generation owners and developers
  • Energy storage owners and developers

The growth of renewable energy means the role of flexible generation and storage has changed. New revenue streams have opened up in the form of on-demand energy provision, effectively filling in the gaps created by intermittent renewable generation. The price and nature of each of these revenue streams can shift quickly. Success requires the ability to accurately identify and switch between the best opportunities.

Origami Energy’s Flexible Capacity Management solution takes care of the hard work for you. We can identify flexible capacity and automatically find the best value for it, across balancing, capacity and wholesale markets. We also combine your capacity with other assets in our portfolio to present a more reliable and valuable service to network operators like National Grid.

Our platform intelligently manages state of charge of storage assets to maximise their revenue and lifetime.

Business benefits

  • Move between markets quickly and easily
  • Open up new revenue streams
  • Benefit from network effects by combining your assets with our wider portfolio

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