Marketing Specialist


Job Title: Marketing specialist
Department: Marketing
Reporting to: Marketing Manager
Location: London
Job Type: Permanent

Full time / Part time

Salary: £35-40,000 per annum
Start date: July 2017



Purpose of the role: Why this role is important to Origami
Here at Origami Energy we’re shaping the energy system of the future, creating a more reliable and affordable energy world for everyone. To shape this system of tomorrow we’re designing technology that’s already enabling companies to create value from their assets. It’s the first step in our journey. Together with our partners and customers, we’re laying the intelligent foundations for a cleaner and sustainable energy supply which can meet demand without compromising fairness. In short, we’re building for tomorrow so that you benefit today.
Key Deliverables & Responsibilities:
Focus areas:

  1. Plan, execute and optimise marketing campaigns to generate new business leads from digital channels
  2. Email campaign creation, management
  3. Analyse and report key metrics on an ongoing basis. Demonstrate an ROI focus and optimise digital channels and campaigns for maximum return.
  4. Social media communications – create engaging content for LinkedIn and Twitter ensuring consistency throughout the customer journey
  5. Lead and customer Database management

Additional responsibility to lead individuals providing the following:

  1. Digital – website design, build, HTML editing
  2. SEO – search engine optimisation
  3. Copy writing, content creation, creative writing



Qualifications and Experience:
 Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Marketing

CIM qualification (optional)

Minimum 4-5 years of marketing experience in a B2B environment, ideally in software or energy industry

Specific experience in:

–          Lead generation campaign management

–          Lead nurturing programs

–          Knowledge of email marketing tool, such as HubSpot and Salesforce

–          Social media communication – LinkedIn and Twitter

Additional knowledge of and capability to lead:

–          Website design, content development

–          SEO and Google analytics

–          Communications

–          Excellent technical skills of Content Management Systems (WordPress)

–          Agency management

Keen to deliver, ambitious, passionate


Work independently

Collaborate with other functions

Problem solver, organised 



Commitment “We have passion for what we do and will go the extra mile to make Origami succeed and build a global business we are proud of” Enthusiastic, motivated, driven, energetic, hardworking, engaged, determined, taking ownership, positive mental attitude
Solutions “We will develop solutions  together, find ways of overcoming challenges and progress towards our goals” Inventive, creative, brilliant,  empowered, high-achieving, adaptive, persevere and able to overcome challenges, welcoming good ideas from wherever they come (no ‘NIH’)
Customers “We will create the marketplace and deliver compelling solutions for our various customers, external & internal” Build strong relationships, shape the industry, influence, learn, inform, satisfy needs, be responsive
Rigour “We will build solid foundations , do it right, develop robust solutions that are operationally excellent and thoroughly tested” Rigorous, focussed, methodical, analytical, fact-based, rational, attention to detail, focus on quality
Respect “We need each other and we all add something valuable” Peer respect, collaboration, trust, empowerment, openness, listening & hearing, interactive, courteous, professional, valuing each other’s contributions

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