Our Values

What’s important to us

At Origami Energy, we have 5 core values that we look for in our employees:
1. Commitment “We have passion for what we do and will go the extra mile to make Origami succeed and build a global business we are proud of” Enthusiastic, motivated, driven, energetic, hardworking, engaged, determined, taking ownership, positive mental attitude
2. Solutions “We will develop solutions  together, find ways of overcoming challenges and progress towards our goals” Inventive, creative, brilliant,  empowered, high-achieving, adaptive, persevere and able to overcome challenges, welcoming good ideas from wherever they come (no ‘NIH’)
3. Customers “We will create the marketplace and deliver compelling solutions for our various customers, external & internal” Build strong relationships, shape the industry, influence, learn, inform, satisfy needs, be responsive
4. Rigour “We will build solid foundations , do it right, develop robust solutions that are operationally excellent and thoroughly tested” Rigorous, focussed, methodical, analytical, fact-based, rational, attention to detail, focus on quality
5. Respect “We need each other and we all add something valuable” Peer respect, collaboration, trust, empowerment, openness, listening & hearing, interactive, courteous, professional, valuing each other’s contributions

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