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Origami is ready for Frequency Response Reform...

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

We’re ready for the 31st March, is your Tech provider?

Dynamic Containment

Energy systems across the globe are continually managing rapid change in response to decarbonisation, and as such ESOs are shoring-up their toolkit with innovative new ways to keep the system in check.

One such tool in the UK is Dynamic Containment (DC). DC is a post-fault service deployed within 500ms when the system frequency deviates from operational thresholds. These instant response requirements put BESS in pride of place amongst renewable asset classes.

In the energy systems of yesteryear, thermal assets with large rotating turbines naturally provided inertia and ESOs were better equipped to manage shocks to the system. However, in a world led by renewables, faults and shocks to the system need to be managed much faster than ever before.

What’s changing?

Despite DC only being around since 2020, it is one of National Grid ESO’s most utilised tools. The ESO is currently able to control the frequency response of larger assets participating in both the Balancing Mechanism (BM) and DC, however, the ESO is now seeking the ability to control the frequency response of all DC assets, irrespective of whether they are participating in the BM.

From 31st March, BESS assets participating in DC via the ESO’s Ancillary Service Dispatch Platform (ASDP) will have new requirements placed on them, if they wish to continue receiving revenue streams from this service:

1. Currently, assets automatically provide the DC service if they are successfully awarded a contract at the day ahead stage. Going forwards, assets will additionally need to be able to respond to ESO instructions to:

  • Disarm - Stop providing the DC service

  • Rearm - Commence providing the DC service again;

2. There is also a new requirement for market participants to send a Heartbeat Signal every five minutes to let the ESO know that disarming or rearming instructions are likely to be actioned; and

3. Finally, there is an additional requirement for assets to notify the ESO of the expected level of import or export energy (akin to physical notifications in the BM).

We’re ready for the 31st March

Origami has supported Dynamic Containment from Day 1 and we’re thrilled to say that, as the first in the industry to pass all testing for the new requirements -- and after working closely with the ESO over the last few months -- we’re 100% ready for the 31st March.

If you or your Technology provider isn’t and won’t be ready for when these changes kick in, please reach out to us via

What else is impacted?

These changes also apply to assets providing the pre-fault services of Dynamic Moderation (DM) and Dynamic Regulation (DR) via National Grid ESO’s ASDP.

Origami is on a mission to help build a green energy world powered by smart technology. Origami is the leading, independent energy data & portfolio management platform for BESS owners, energy services companies & route-to-market providers (RTM's).​ Origami helps to manage and commercialise growing portfolios of green energy assets.


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