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Pandemic complications and freedom day!

Caroline Marriage, Origami's Operations Delivery Manager
Caroline Marriage, Origami's Operations Delivery Manager

This March our Operations Delivery Manager, Caroline Marriage, will be joining renowned polar explorer, Sir Robert Swan OBE, on his next 2041 Foundation ClimateForce expedition to Antarctica.

Having been struck down with Covid over the past week, Caroline’s latest blog post is all about the complications of planning a trip to Antarctica during a pandemic, including delays and testing requirements. Hoping it all goes smoothly from now on, Caroline is now celebrating her freedom by testing out a camera for the trip and her bird photography skills.

5 weeks to go!

Please get in touch with Caroline if you would like to support this initiative inspiring new leaders in the battle against climate change, or donate here!

Read her latest blog post below.

Freedom Day!

by Caroline Marriage

Sorry for having been a bit quiet - but Covid finally caught up with us... Today I was allowed back out so I very much enjoyed going back out into our local area and trying out a possible camera option for the trip.

Having thought in early January that that would be the perfect time to get covid - in that it would minimise the likelihood of getting it in March - I suddenly had a realisation that the UK guidance is that you should not have a PCR test within 90 days of having covid as there is a risk residual RNA material can cause a false positive...

What would this mean for the tests I was expecting to encounter between here and Antarctica in approximately 60 days’ time?

Read the full blog post here.


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