Future-proof your business and unlock new revenue streams with our bespoke storage solutions

Solutions for

  • Industrial & commercial customers with high energy usage or multiple sites
  • Network operators
  • Renewable asset owners
  • Flexible generation asset owners

The advantages of energy storage are easy to see; reducing costs of energy bills; generating income via grid services; and enhancing energy security. It is also more affordable than ever before, making now the perfect time to explore the right solution for you.

At Origami Energy we offer bespoke end-to-end storage solutions suitable for each market situation. Our highly experienced storage team boasts over ten years of storage experience and they will guide you through the process from start to finish.

We begin by analysing all of your site-specific needs and requirements, along with existing connection agreements and any constraint issues you may face. We then optimise the ideal storage size and configuration, arrange financing where required, work with leading technology suppliers, and even manage construction and testing.

Once installed, our intelligent Origami Energy Technology Platform will optimise your new asset, ensuring you achieve the maximum possible return on your investment, and provide a standardised platform for managing performance, warranties and condition.

Business Benefits

  • Manage energy costs more effectively
  • Avoid costs associated with excess capacity or network charges
  • Gain additional resilience to power outages
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Future proof your business against market volatility and regulatory changes

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