System Balancing for today

Efficient and reliable network balancing at local and national level.

Solution for

  • National Grid (System Operator)
  • Distributed Network Operators (DNOs)
  • Independent DNOs (iDNOs)
  • Private Wire Operators (PWOs)

Balancing supply and demand is becoming an increasingly difficult task for network operators, partly as a result of the rapid growth of decentralised, intermittent renewable generation.

Origami uses flexibility from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to provide ancillary services to National Grid. This helps balance the system, improves management of the network through greater visibility of distributed generation and reduces the forecast error.

This approach can be applied to DNOs, iDNOs and PWOs to provide benefit to end customers.


We believe that the dynamic requirements of today’s networks require dynamic solutions. Our flexibility platform re-optimises several times an hour, allowing us to react quickly to changing market conditions, including unexpected changes in supply and demand. Future services are enabled quickly and efficiently without the need to attend the DER.

Business benefits

  • Improve network visibility and reduce forecast error
  • Respond to changes in supply and demand in real-time
  • Avoid or defer investment in infrastructure.

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