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Origami is a cutting-edge independent BESS portfolio management platform

Who we are

Empowering Asset Owners and Investors to seize opportunities

Origami is an independent BESS portfolio management platform that combines the physical and financial worlds to allow Asset Owners and Investors to seize opportunities across all markets and geographies. Gain optimal revenues for your portfolio, extend lifetime and generate increased asset value.


We are on a mission to help build a green energy world powered by smart technology.

Origami's modular SaaS solution

We offer a modular SaaS solution that is constantly updated with additional features and functionality. This allows you to take ownership of key processes, data and operations.

Drive optimal profitability while extending lifetime.
Our product suite provides long-term returns on your investment.



Enable participation in all available markets; allow asset managers to maximise ROI and Fund Managers to demonstrate and report on operational excellence to Investors to enhance future investment/capital raising. Efficiently identify every opportunity for improved profitability. 



(on insight)

Combine physical, financial and battery analytics data with your targets to gain a transparent 360 degree view of your portfolio's true performance. Benchmark assets and RTM providers and take action to rectify underperformance. 



Manage risk with simulated asset behaviour and predictive fire safety alerts and ensure your ability to claim on warranty/insurance with your independent Data Vault (and soon predict the optimal time for maintenance). Ensure your assets deliver higher returns for longer. 

Our proprietary Energy Data Platform (EDP) provides full control of your data

CAPITALISE, ACT, and PROTECT are enabled by our proprietary Energy Data Platform (EDP), which provides you with full control of your data to empower supplier management and generate future business value by bringing together the following:

Asset Data

Ingesting telemetry from your whole asset portfolio at various levels.

Route-to-market providers (RTMs)

Ingesting daily and/or real-time trade reports. Providing real-time availability and asset status data as required.

TSO Market Data

Ingesting ancillary service, balancing market and EPEX Day Ahead/Intra-Day price data to support revenue monitoring and benchmarking.

Battery Analytics (BA)

Providing BA input data from assets and ingesting the results from BA partners into a single pane of glass, combining financial, physical and BA data.

TSO integration

Currently GB, where we support full ancillary services dispatch platform (ASDP) functionality, provision of operational metering and fully automated performance report creation and submission. 


Independent technology

Origami have invested heavily in building a sophisticated, scalable, adaptable, and secure cloud platform.

Where we work


Origami gives us a
powerful software 'engine’ which we can rely on
to keep us at the front
of the digital curve.

"Our asset base has become significantly more diverse and flexible as we help our customers respond to evolving market opportunities. We must therefore also invest in the digital infrastructure that makes this possible and future-proofs our assets. That’s now a primary concern for all energy asset owners and operators, and we recognise the need to do so independently of our valued trading and route-to-market providers.”

Ian Gadsby, Managing Director, Ylem Energy

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