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Stay in control & scale your asset operations

Identify every opportunity for improved profitability

Enable participation in all available markets; allow asset managers to maximise ROI and Fund Managers to demonstrate and report on operational excellence to Investors to enhance future investment/capital raising. Efficiently identify every opportunity for improved profitability. 


  • Simplify and scale operations with standardised interfaces across assets and mitigate supply chain dependencies with decoupled connectivity, scheduling and control & dispatch.

  • Understand in real-time whether your asset is delivering successfully.

  • Keep pace with evolving markets; schedule Ancilliary Services, Wholesale, Balancing Mechanism and Capacity Market, including support for stacked services and capacity splitting.

  • Visualise operational data (Power (MW), State of Charge (%), Voltage, Current, Temperature) or access sub-second BMS/telemetry data via our API.



Origami has invested heavily in building a sophisticated, scalable, adaptable, and secure cloud platform.

Realise the best opportunities.
Feed the green energy transition.

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