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Manage risk with configurable fail-safes 

Support future warranty issues

Manage risk with configurable fail-safes, operate virtual (simulated) batteries, and maintain secure independent records of the battery's operation to help support any future warranty or insurance issues, or other identified use cases. 



  • Configurable fail-safes that restrict scheduling activity based on customisable guardrail thresholds (Temperature, Voltage).

  • Configurable alerts/alarms, including Temperature, Battery Fault, Inverter Fault, (Dis)Connected to Grid (where the corresponding data is available from the PMS).

  • Simulate the physical behaviour of real assets with Origami virtual batteries and respond to actual 1 Hz grid frequency when delivering frequency response services, including configurable RTE (Round Trip Efficiency) and asset available power and availability matched to a real asset (digital twin).

  • Data Vault: continuous independent recording and packaging of all necessary data for the lifecycle of the assets.


Origami has invested heavily in building a sophisticated, scalable, adaptable, and secure cloud platform capable of becoming a global platform as a service for the energy industry. 

Realise the best opportunities.
Feed the green energy transition.

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