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Manage risks &
simulate asset behaviour

Warranty and Health
at a glance 

Manage your battery with confidence. Monitor warranty and health over all time horizons. Maintain secure and independent records to support any future warranty or insurance issue. Maximise availability and plan repowering with an explicit understanding of risk Vs opportunity.


  • Ability to integrate our Battery Health Analytics partners to help understand and mitigate risks related to state of safety (e.g. fire), state of health, and remaining useful life.

  • Reduce oversights, avoid shutdowns and maximise tradable capacity with configurable alerts and alarms based on asset specific guardrails.

  • Data Vault:  Generate and store a record of responsible use, allowing investors, insurers and buyers to verify safety and ongoing portfolio health, and help you secure better deal terms.

  • Virtual batteries accurately model and simulate alternative risk strategies which can be adapted to different market conditions and/or asset characteristics.

  • Availability management reporting to help plan maintenance and detect unplanned outages.



Origami has invested heavily in building a sophisticated, scalable, adaptable, and secure cloud platform.

Realise the best opportunities.
Feed the green energy transition.

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