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Standing on the shoulders of giants

Origami continues to scale operations in the UK and internationally

We are proud to have established solid support from our shareholders, including major UK and global technology, industrial and venture capital investors.

Origami has raised £56m since 2014 and continues to scale operations both within the UK and internationally.


As part of their Sustainable Impact Initiative, Barclays are investing in fast-growing, innovative, environmentally-focused companies whose values are aligned with those of Barclays and which target the goals and timelines of the Paris Agreement


The ventures team manage a portfolio of £300 million, whilst the whole company has over £5bn under management. Octopus focuses on identifying fast-growth companies that can scale explosively to create, transform or dominate an industry.


A Norwegian family company dating back to 1848, which operates both in Norway and the UK in a diverse range of sectors including energy.  


Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC) invests in intellectual property-rich companies in the Cambridge Cluster. CIC’s ambition is to identify, shape, nurture and inspire category leaders in rapidly growing technology sectors.


Aggreko plc is the global leader in on-site power generation with a presence in over 100 countries and a total distributed energy generation capacity of 10GW. Aggreko provides modular, mobile power, energy storage and heating and cooling globally across all sectors.

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