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Origami's platform enters 9MW Port of Tilbury battery into Dynamic Containment

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Origami has enabled Gore Street Energy Storage Fund’s 9MW battery at Port of Tilbury to enter Dynamic Containment (DC) services.

Gore Street Energy Storage Fund’s 9MW Port of Tilbury battery enabled by Origami’s technology
Gore Street Energy Storage Fund’s 9MW Port of Tilbury battery enabled by Origami’s technology

The grid-scale battery located at Port of Tilbury in London is managed on Origami's platform which generates value for Gore Street across multiple stacked revenue streams. Dynamic Containment is currently the highest value pool for battery assets. The first DC delivery by the Port of Tilbury battery has helped bring National Grid ESO's total MW volume of assets in DC to over 400MW for the first time last week against a published minimum requirement of 800MW for February 2021, growing to 1.2GW by August 2021.

Demand for grid-scale battery storage is set to grow, with the Climate Change Committee projecting 18GW of battery storage capacity by 2035 in its sixth carbon budget. The market is continuously evolving, with the new DC service and Balancing Mechanism stacking recently announced by National Grid ESO, and new Reactive Power services on the horizon.

Dan Hodges, Head of Account Management at Origami, said: "The key for asset-owners to navigate this emerging complexity and to maximise the value of their investments is intelligent and flexible technology. Origami's data platform provides real-time data and machine-learning tools that optimise the financial performance of batteries in this increasingly complex market. Used in combination with our Energy Router, we provide a highly scalable control solution that enables energy companies to meet ESO's demanding requirements for services such as Dynamic Containment as well as other balancing services and wholesale trading. Our solution can be retrofitted onto any existing Behind- or Front-of-Meter battery, and is flexible to meet the requirements of future ESO and DSO services as they evolve. We look forward to expanding the range of markets that assets such as Gore Street's Port of Tilbury battery can access using the Origami platform."

Gore Street Energy Storage Fund plc (GSF) was London's first listed energy storage fund investing in income-producing assets in the UK and internationally.

Alicja Kowalewska-Montfort from Gore Street said, "Origami have supported Gore Street since the Port of Tilbury battery became operational in October 2019. We are delighted that they have helped us to get this asset into National Grid ESO's Dynamic Containment service and look forward to working with them to generate further value with other future services".
Port of Tilbury 9MW activity in DC
Port of Tilbury 9MW activity in DC

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