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Open, modular and configurable solutions

Participate in
short-term power
and energy markets

With an API-first modular design, and with security and scalability at the heart of everything we do, our software-as-a-service is open to all real-time energy data sources, which enables fast and effective optimisation at the highest level.


The right data.
The right format.
The right time.

Our cloud-based energy data platform gives greater transparency and control over complex portfolio performance. Our advanced SaaS applications synthesize the asset with the real-time market, providing instant access to robust data. Successful trading in complex markets is much more accessible with Origami.


By simplifying the complexity of disparate and asynchronous data sources, our platform allows asset owners and energy service companies to focus on their portfolio efficiency over long periods. This means that our partners are future-proofed against a backdrop of increasing complexity and volatility.


With full visibility of real-time market opportunities, asset managers and trading teams often use our platform to provide:

  • Real-time market access

  • Physical control

  • Scheduling & Dispatch

  • Contract & position management, and;

  • Price & volume forecasting

Our focus is on building and investing in the best and most efficient solutions as part of the energy transition. We are purely a technology provider. We do not compete with our partners in the energy market.​ 

Asset and market-agnostic platform

Because Origami is an independent technology provider, our asset and market-agnostic platform demonstrates an unshakable commitment to agility, which few – if any – in-house software development teams can match.  Our deep roots in Cambridge and London -- the UK’s two hotbeds of technology and innovation -- keep us at the front of that curve.

Find out how we support asset owners.

Find out how we support energy services companies.

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