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Origami is the leading independent
BESS Portfolio Management Platform

Who we are

Digital solutions for diverse green energy portfolios

Origami is on a mission to help build a green energy world, powered by smart technology.

Origami is the leading independent energy data platform, providing advanced SaaS applications for asset owner-operators, energy services companies, and route-to-market providers.

Use Origami's solutions to manage and monetise growing portfolios of green energy assets. 

Whether grid-connected or behind-the-meter, the questions you’re asking your assets can only be answered through agile, real-time digital infrastructure.

Our expert team stands ready to help you facilitate meaningful market participation through peer-to-peer electricity trading, ambitious ESG strategies, fully matched 24/7 green tariffs, and much more besides.

Digital infrastructure

Using Origami’s advanced SaaS applications, organisations with growing green energy portfolios can SEE, DECIDE and DO, in an increasingly complex and volatile energy transition marketplace.

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Origami gives greater transparency and control over portfolio performance. It synthesises asset and contractual data in real-time, allowing you to know and understand short-term power and energy markets.

Origami's energy data SaaS platform catalyses customer innovation, from pricing and trading strategies to longer-term ESG business models.


Independent Technology

As an independent technology provider, Origami's focus is on building open, modular, and configurable solutions to support the green energy transition.

Origami is purely a technology provider and doesn't compete with customers, or route-to-market partners in energy markets.


We hold a growing portfolio of granted and filed patents in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Where we work


Origami gives us a
powerful software 'engine’ which we can rely on
to keep us at the front
of the digital curve.

"Our asset base has become significantly more diverse and flexible as we help our customers respond to evolving market opportunities. We must therefore also invest in the digital infrastructure that makes this possible and future-proofs our assets. That’s now a primary concern for all energy asset owners and operators, and we recognise the need to do so independently of our valued trading and route-to-market providers.”

Ian Gadsby, Managing Director, Ylem Energy

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